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In the end, you’ll both be happier for the clarity.For more advice for women, click here for more dating advice blogs for women.I thought of a witty response and hit send to continue our playful banter. We continued to exclusively hang out, go to movies, and even had long conversations on the phone. We knew we would never work, but in the meantime we just kept hanging on to the other person because it was convenient.There was nothing physical about our relationship, but from the outside one would have thought that Jim and I were dating. Little did I realize that we were just using each other. This wasn’t developing a true f When I listened to Mary Beth Bonacci’s recent interview on the Son Rise Morning Show, it reminded me of my time “hanging out” with Jim.

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It can be a crushing blow, but it’s something you have the power to avoid.Here are 7 ways you can tell if you’re actually on a date instead of spending time with a friend: It’s likely you’ve been on both sides of the situation at some point. While you won’t always be able to avoid it, here are a few ways you can be proactive and make sure you know for a fact whether you’re on a date or just “hanging out” with a friend: Figuring out relationships is tough enough as it is.Do your part to keep communication and expectations clear in your relationships, whether you’re “hanging out” or dating.In her interview, Mary Beth talks about the difference between men and women having friendships and utilitarian relationships.

She points out how it is hurtful to keep someone around just because your lonely.

This is happening more and more to single women of all ages.