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Would he have been invited on to the show if he had spoken up for Leave?

The best moments came when we heard of the very distant way in which he was treated by his father and then of the relationship he had with the controlling, volcanic Ferguson.

Once the preserve of artists and thinkers, politicians, scientists clergy and industrialists, BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs yesterday celebrated its 75th anniversary by making 'footballer and humanitarian' David Beckham, 41, its castaway.

We were given some interesting insights about the imperious ways of Manchester United FC's former boss Sir Alex Ferguson — who plainly still terrifies him. This was a quest for ratings rather than anything more Reithian.

I know nothing about them.” The TV actor is the boyfriend and alleged fiance of country singer Le Ann Rimes though he’s not wearing a ring.

It has been rumoured the couple will tie the knot but she took to Twitter say it was all a joke and the two will not be getting married.

“I kind of like people that do something.” Of the Kardahsians, Cher says, “What I know about the Kardashians you could put on the head of a pin and still have room for the lord’s prayer.And when Beckham flew to Ireland to see his wife on a day off, he bumped into Ferguson at the airport on the way home.'The manager' was so cross with him he refused to acknowledge his star player's presence in the airport lounge.Regarding his 17 years of marriage to Victoria, whom Ferguson seems to have regarded with suspicion (or jealousy?

), there was some sweet stuff about how the courtship was largely conducted in Becks's steamed up BMW in a Harvester pub car park.'The manager' was first to phone Beckham and tell him: 'Son, get back to Manchester and you'll be all right.' Son. Yesterday might have made for a better programme had they waited a couple of decades, but at least Beckham is properly famous.

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