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Such agricultural exporters include Ghana, with cocoa, and Burma (Myanmar), with rice.

On the other hand, an exceptionally well-developed country may produce surpluses that are not needed by its own population; such has been the case of the U.

The agricultural plots of Chinese communes and the cooperative farms held by Peruvian communities are other necessarily large agricultural units, as were the collective farms that were owned and operated by state employees in the former Soviet Union. reversed the decline of small farms in New England and Alaska in the decade from 1970 to 1980.

Individual subsistence farms or small-family mixed-farm operations are decreasing in number in developed countries but are still numerous in the developing countries of Africa and Asia. Much of the foreign exchange earned by a country may be derived from a single commodity; for example, Sri Lanka depends on tea, Denmark specializes in dairy products, Australia in wool, and New Zealand and Argentina in meat products. S., wheat, corn, and soybeans have become major foreign exchange commodities in recent decades.

Plant breeding and genetics contribute immeasurably to farm productivity.The importance of an individual country as an exporter of agricultural products depends on many variables.Among them is the possibility that the country is too little developed industrially to produce manufactured goods in sufficient quantity or technical sophistication.Mechanization, the outstanding characteristic of late 19th and 20th-century agriculture, has eased much of the backbreaking toil of the farmer.

More significantly, mechanization has enormously increased farm efficiency and productivity.Over the 10,000 years since agriculture began to be developed, peoples everywhere have discovered the food value of wild plants and animals and domesticated and bred them.