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Automize contains several pre-configured tasks, not commonly found in other applications, this includes automated SQL database queries, support for MS Office tasks, CGI testing and more.All of them offer a simple template that you can customize.Most tasks also generate variables which can be used in other tasks.Create advanced automation solutions using our Automize tasks in conjunction with variables, directory/file monitors and our task chaining system.* Command and Windows Command tasks can run your batch files, scripts or executable programs.The primary interface for the creation of games is via an object-oriented drag-and-drop system, allowing users unfamiliar with traditional programming to intuitively create games simply by organizing things visually on the screen.Users select a personally-created object and drop instances of these objects in the area of the game being worked on, and Game Maker automatically applies any global effects to that instance of the object.Maintains uptime statistics for your server.* Automate programs, tasks or batch files with command line arguments.Launch a schedule program and pass command line arguments and start/working directory information to it.* Zip files and directories using wildcards on schedule.

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Additional features include email notifications on task failure, FTP browsing, ZIP file viewer, extensive logging, remote task control and more.The App Perfect Test Studio is a suite of products designed to help you test high-performance Web applications. The App Perfect Test Studio consists of the following products: App Perfect Functional Tester App Perfect Functional Tester performs functional, integration and regression testing of your Web application.