Actress dating nfl player

18-Sep-2019 08:49

He had threesomes with her, asked her about golden showers, and set up clandestine meetings with her in hotel rooms. But that’s what famed footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and Kim K did in April of 2010, just one month after her split with Reggie was made official.

It might seem like Ronaldo was slumming it with Kim, when his life is built on an actual career. And she’s Jennifer Peace, who also trades under the delightful moniker “Devon Shire.” Unsurprisingly, Cowlings was regarded by many porn stars as being a hanger-on to the industry, bouncing around from one starlet to the next, probably informing them that he was friends with O. Simpson, back when people wouldn’t run away from you when you told them that.

No one is surprised by the coupling of athletes and porn stars.

They’re both performers, they’re both (largely) fit and attractive, and they’re both kinda famous.

Ortiz met Jenna Jameson on My Space (welcome to the 21st century, bitches!

) in 2006, and they started dating almost immediately.

The sometimes-Heisman-winning running back dated the starlet for three years, though it devolved to an on-and-off relationship towards the end. (who I actually trust to report crap like this) that he was bothered by her rising fame. In his parade of Olive Garden hostesses, zookeepers, and foreign dignitaries, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Woods dated a porn star. Or it could have been really well covered at the time, but I just happened to be 14, so I about a year away from being obsessed with porn. He denied it, but he and his wife separated later the next May.A few months later, they were monogamous and “in love.” In 2009, Jameson gave birth to twin boys, however, the bliss of being new parents would be short-lived.

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