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Perhaps a little chilly in winter (as above), but on a warm day with a summer cider? Ireland / Erin The earliest settlers arrived in Ireland around 9500 BC, following the slow Ice Age thaw and a gradual process of rehabitation of the British Isles.Ireland was never politically united enough to translate its religious and cultural influence into political power.

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The bar, meanwhile, serves up pints and more low-key food in one of the most spectacular settings in the south-east.

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The Crown has an incredible interior shaped in 1885 by Italian craftsmen – who were working on a church down the road, and were persuaded by the landlord to moonlight by outfitting his pub.

Instead the Celto-Irish helped to hasten the end of Roman control over Britain by constantly raiding the British coastline, capturing slaves and booty.

One of those captured slaves helped to convert the Irish to Christianity - the Romano-British Saint Patrick in the mid-fifth century AD.Remnants of their presence are still scattered across the island.